Hello and welcome.

Hello there my name is Alex. I am a first time mother to a beautiful baby girl called Evelynn, I have a wonderful partner called Callum and two very naughty cats called Rosie and Radagast. I’m currently on maternity leave from working in a meat factory. Yum Yum right? It pays the bills and I have met some amazing people so can’t complain too much. Main problems include; getting the smell of dead animal out of your clothes because it sticks like gum to a primary schoolers hair (baking soda anyone) and the fact its a giant fridge. Brrrrr!

I am disabled, I have dyspraxia, epilepsy, shortened tendons and PTSD. What a combo?! At least it gives me plenty to talk about and my epileptic dance moves are AWESOME. Not that I remember them but it’s got to have been a good party with the hangover I get afterwards. Owch!

I have started this blog as a creative outlet because many of my other hobbies include time, two hands and not being able to leave them until a section is finished. All pretty challenging with a five month old. Even typing this is a challenge due to little hands whacking the keyboard. If it moves it has to be batted at and inspected…. Does anyone else think that babies are really cats in disguise?

I’m not quite sure what my main focus is going to be yet, though my time is mainly taken up with: baby care, reading, writing, cooking and crafts so it will probably be a mixture of all the above. I might even focus on how to handle the above whist disabled. Can get ‘fun,’ I’m not going to lie, but it’s so worth it even if exhausting and frustrating at times.

The photo below proves my point.


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