1o Things you never needed to know about Rameses II of Egypt.

  1. He ruled for over 65 years between 1279–1213 BC. In this time he celebrated 13 or 14 Sed festivals. These were supposed to rejuvenate the king after his 30th year on the throne and were held every 3 years after. Rameses took part in them every two years on average.
  2. He was the only Pharoah to have the word ‘great’ after his name. This might be in part because he is thought to have had around 100 children. Wow.
  3. His father Seti 1st was a great ruler in his own right but was massively over shadowed by his son. Seti was the second ruler of the 19th Dynasty and was also a great warrior and builder. His father Rameses 1st came from a family of commoners and military men and was an old man when he took over from his friend Horemheb. It is thought he was chosen to succeed because he had a good understanding of the military. Also he already had sons and a grandson so there was a much lower risk of another  succession crisis arising similar to what happened after Tutankhamun died.
  4. He is one is the signees of the first recorded peace treaty. This was between him and the Hitti king, Mursili in around 1258 BC. This was year 21 of Rameses Reign.
  5. He seemed to have been truly in love with his first great royal wife, Nefertari. He built her a temple which had inscribed on it ‘for her whom the sun doth rise.’ Romantic stuff.
  6. He married at least two of his own daughters. In long reigning Pharaohs this was quite common for two reasons: 1) it prevented them from marrying men who might try to steal the throne and 2) there was a belief that the right to rule was carried down the woman’s side hence why many pharaohs married their sisters as well.
  7. He moved the capital of Egypt to a city called Pi-Ramessess which he had built during his reign.
  8. He is thought to be the pharaoh the bible speaks of who had enslaved all of the Hebrews. It has been proven that the pyramids and other large monuments were built by labourers, not slaves. They had nothing to do whist their fields were flooded by the River Nile for three months of the year so were conscripted to work for pharaoh. They had access to good medical care and were paid in grain and other goods.
  9. He suffered badly in old age from tooth decay and arthritis. Grain was very corses and often had bits of stone in it from the winnowing process, this wore down teeth very quickly.
  10. His two most famous temples are Abu-simbel and the Rammesium,his temple of a million years (mortuary temple). Both very impressive and in a lot of ways show how big his ego was as well.

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