14 Normal things that become a luxury when you have a baby.

Having a baby makes life much more hectic. For those first six to eight weeks you barely have time to pee let alone anything else. Here is a list of things that tend to go on the back burner for a good few months at least. Enjoy.

  1. Long daily showers and hot bubble baths become a quick dunk to rinse off the worst of the milk, puke and poo before starting the cycle again. Mmmmm yummy Mummy.
  2. Do you like eating food that take more than 10 minutes to prepare? Now you have a baby forget about it. Ready meals, beans on toast and takeout seem good right?
  3. Shaving…. Read above about showering. For the time being it’s wookie-ville for you.
  4. Eating out seems like a nice idea but the sleep deprivation makes pajamas, chocolate and pizza seem like the nicer idea. Trust me.
  5. Sleep, unless you are insanely lucky. For me those first six weeks were a breastfeeding, nappy changing, zombified Hell. Sorry.
  6. Sex when your mojo comes back. Seems like a great idea but the very second it gets suggested… WAHHHHHH! Too tired anyway….. sigh.
  7. Adult conversations about things that aren’t baby related. Even when you do manage to get out of your pj’s and you do get a nice meal out without baby you  still  end up obsessing how she is and if the person in charge can cope. Even when said person has had: three kids, five grand kids and two great grand kids. Crazy right?
  8. Hobbies? Nope, remember there isn’t even time to pee.
  9.  Socializing is a tricky one. People who already have kids and babies will already be ridiculously busy and the ones who don’t probably won’t want to hear constant baby talk. However mother and baby groups are amazing, if you can mange to get out of the house on time.
  10. Exercising because you’re way too sore, tired and  yep you guessed it… screw that right now. If I have time its going on sleep, bubble baths and eating good food.
  11. Housework may not seem like a luxury but when you have a pile of dishes, a dirty laundry hamper full and baby clutter everywhere you will be desperate for a few hours to catch up and feel organised.
  12. Leaving the house in less than five minutes. You will get everything sorted then baby will either puke, poo or want feeding the second you go to step out of the door. Always aim to be ready 30 minutes before you need to go. It’s a chicken or egg scenario: do you get ready first and risk being thrown up on or do you get the baby ready first and risk poo and puke happening? News flash, it doesn’t matter someone (if not everyone) will certainly need changing.
  13. Traveling light. Babies come with a lot of paraphenalia such as: prams, travel cots, clothes, toys and changing stuff so even a weekend away is like a military operation.
  14. Typing random lists on the internet whilst balancing a baby on your lap who insists upon slapping the keyhjfjhmtdctfmjyhf.

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