The unseen 20 percent.

via Daily Prompt: Unseen

This is written for the Prompt word: Unseen.


We are in the shadows. We are lost in the crowd. We were chosen for our perceived weakness and made to atone for imagined sins. We are surviving.

We are an estimated twenty percent of women.We could be your mother, your sister, your aunt or your daughter. Many of us will never tell.

We smile because we feel we have to be normal, acceptable and unblemished by our past. We smile because we feel we must live up to your expectations.

Depression is met with dismissal. “You’re just a little sad, you’ll get over it.” The past is met with awkwardness and silence. That silence deafens us and makes our hearts seize up. Maybe its judgement?

Even worse is when someone ponders aloud if you ‘lead them on. Almost like we gave them an excuse to hurt us. We have already asked ourselves that and have been through every second a million times in our mind. No excuse.

Our mirrors are met with judgement, even the blameless can blame themselves. When we tell our story we long to be told; ‘it’s not your fault.’ We know it is true but can’t bring ourselves to believe it. Some day maybe we just might.

We are the unseen.

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