We should be proud of our post pregnancy bodies.

I like to think that I’m quite confident in my own body. However in a world that seems to fixate on ladies only having worth if they are a perfectly toned size 8, it’s so easy to feel somewhat disappointed and saddened by your wobbly and stripy mummy tummy. 

Everywhere you look you see celebrity mums snapped back into shape within 2 weeks. If they haven’t they get labelled as fat and lazy.How dare they spend time looking after their baby and trying to be kind to themselves after doing something as ‘simple’ as give birth? They should already be starving themselves and spending hours at the gym regardless of how they feel. This is what the magazines and tabloids would have you believe is the normal way to live. Never mind the other pressures that having a child brings like: sleep deprivation, pain from the birth, worrying about what’s normal, feeding and the list goes on. It’s already almost too much to handle for those first few months.

 Unfortunately we end up being held up to the very same standards as our celebrity sisters. What if you don’t have our very own: personal trainer, dietitian, time to yourself and some glorious photo shop magic? That’s no excuse in the race to be perfect and aesthetically pleasing to others. Shame on you for daring to have a muffin top or thunder thighs. Shocking behaviour! 

We are told time and time again that if celebrities can do it then surely to Hell everyone can. This is unreasonable but expectations just keep rising and in turn making woman feel more terrible that they don’t conform to the standards that have been set by others. I feel this is wrong.

I am the proud mother of a beautiful six month old baby. My body has grown her, kept her safe, brought her into the world  (albeit by cesarean section) and is now nourishing her. I look at that wobbly flump and those tiger stripes with pride. They are both the medal for my bodies amazing achievement and the price that I paid for my treasured one. She is worth every extra cm of flab and every single bright red line and believe me I now have bottom and thighs to spare…

I want to help change the way that we perceive our bodies with the help of some beautiful and incredibly brave mummies. Each one has carried one or more babies and they are willing to show their tummies off to the world. These are what normal post pregnancy tummies look like.

The first picture is my very own post baby belly. The rest are being kept anonymous as it is up to them if they want to reveal their secret identities or not. Well done to these brave ladies for helping to show that our bodies may be changed but they are just as beautiful after we have given a child life.

We had babies, thats our bodies super power! Who needs perfection when you have strength like that?

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