The second stage of love. 

I’m afraid to say that I’ve been feeling rather sentimental and have been thinking about how relationships change over time. I blame PMS…  Bring on the chocolate and junk food. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘real love’  isn’t the flower and chocolate bringing passion of the beginning, its the ‘something more’ that grows over time. I think it is fair to say that my partner isn’t exactly romantic and doesn’t do grand gestures but to me that’s not a massively important detail. 

Yesterday I was feeling particularly cantankerous and depressed and he cheered me up with pizza. Other times I have been taken care of when ill, flowers have been brought when I’m upset and (albeit with grumbles at times) the baby has been taken care of so that I could have some well needed me time. Sometimes it’s the small stuff that matters the most. It’s the small stuff that makes life enjoyable even if it’s just a nice cup of tea at the end of a really crappy day.

Who needs romance when you can be brought to your knees laughing at a grown man and his silly antics. The latest one still makes me grin now…

My baby did some mega farts and so we decided it was time to change her nappy. I said, “wow those are some big trumps your doing for such a little girl” (In English slang Trump means fart) My partner looks down and seeing the brown stain said “they weren’t just Trumps they were a full on Donald…” 

I suppose you had to have been there to find it funny.

I know that I  can cry on his shoulder when sad, even when he (and sometimes even I) have no idea why. He will put myself and our daughter first before anything. 

I know that he loves me even though he finds it a difficult emotion to express, and I know that he will keep us safe to the best of his ability.

I feel very lucky to have him even though at times I wish I could kick his arse and if I’m entirely honest things aren’t always perfect.   I think that is what comes from two humans living in close proximity to each other. Arguments and petty annoyances which are quickly resolved (most of the time) with compromises and silly jokes. 

In short? I love my annoying pain in the arse and hope to spend many more years rolling my eyes at his antics.

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