Hello and welcome.

Hello and welcome, I invite you to come and take the journey of a lifetime with me as I raise my two tiny humans. Don’t worry we will stop for the occasional nibble, take in the sights, perhaps even read a book or three. We will discuss all things; both old and new, happy and sad and hopefully we will succeed at this parenting thing together!

I’m not going to lie. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it’s hard work and at times frustrating. You will often long for the taste of a coffee that hasn’t gone cold and food that isn’t missing bites but believe me you will get so much more in return. Smiles and giggles combined with a soggy, sticky kind of love that only a toddler can give, with snot and poop provided free of charge as an added gesture of snuggly good will.

Now let’s talk about me. Alex.

I am just shy of my 26th birthday at the time of writing this post. I am disabled three times over (I will discuss my oh so crappy body and mind in a later post.) I like reading, crafting, cooking and attempting to write this little blog of mine. Time allowing of cause.

I have a partner who goes by ‘Callum,’ a cat that enjoys ignoring ‘Rosie’ and two beautiful daughters named ‘Evie’ and ‘Lily.’ Also a spoon, a rock and a cuddly turtle because why the Hell shouldn’t I let my inner weirdo shine?

I am very happy to be back after a whole year of inactivity. Sorry guys, I will do better. You see last year was a bit… We’ll go with bumpy. Postnatal depression kicked my butt to Hell and back, but I am finally getting back to a place of happy enthusiasm for life and I am working hard to keep the depression at bay but honestly guys; it’s not that easy!

Woooooo, yay attemping to exist!

Other reasons were the usual suspects that occur when you have a small baby: lack of time, exhaustion and trying to be the perfect mother. Thankfully I got over the perfection delusion pretty quickly otherwise I would still be a nervous wreck. Yet another thing we will discuss at length later on. Now I am ‘just’ endeavoring to be a great mummy to my girls and hope that I don’t mess up too badly. I seem to be doing okay… I mean they both still have their heads and all their limbs, that counts right? Haha!

I shall share all my passions with you including but not limited to:

Parenting and all the joys that accompany it.
Mental health and general well-being.
Living with multiple disabilities.
Recipes and cookery tips.
Reviews of: baby items, toys, cooking equipment, books and anything else I can lay my hands on.
Crafting lessons which will include; crochet, knitting and embroidery. With any luck I will eventually be adding in videos via YouTube. Watch this space….
History facts and random tit bits of information that people may (or may not) find interesting.
I will be reading though the BBC’s 100 books to read before you die and actively encouraging people to join in. Come on! Be geeky with me, you might just fall in love with reading…
I’ve been experimenting with various beauty hacks and I will inform you of my findings. FYI: Homemade face scrub works really well and costs pennies to make.
Whatever else I can think of that might be of interest to people.
Here we go! Here is the link for my little adventure into blogging, join me. It should be good fun!


I will be using affiliate links throughout my site to earn a little money towards general mummy costs. Don’t worry they won’t cost you a penny. Basically I get a tiny commission if you follow a link and buy something. This won’t affect my opinions on any items, if they are complete rubbish then I will say so.

If you enjoyed this post then please follow both my Twitter and Facebook pages, both of which are linked below. Thank you so much for reading.


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