What being a mother means to me.

Being a mother is many things, both great and difficult. It has been the biggest and most terrifying challenge of my life, and it’s a challenge that you get no prior training for. Your thrown in the deep end and expected to swim, hanging onto life rafts that are basically contradicting advice from well-meaning busybodies, but in the end you do fine.



It’s hard work and messy hair.

It’s a messy house filled with loud noises.

It’s wanting a few minutes to yourself to drink a warm cup of coffee while anxiously hovering incase something goes wrong.

It’s two-minute showers to wash off the worst of the puke, snot and poo and then getting covered in it again seconds later.

It’s mischief and naughtiness and attitude that makes you feel like you are somehow failing. (Don’t worry you’re doing great!)

It’s worrying that somehow you’re doing something wrong and then getting mad when someone interferes.

It’s complaining that: ‘you can never be alone, you’ve lost your body and somehow every conversation is about your kids and how they are doing.’


But then..:

It’s sloppy kisses and chest crushing hugs.

It’s smiles and giggles and tickles.

It’s watching with pride as your baby grows and hits every milestone.

It’s when your child runs to you to make them feel better and then smiles when you kiss their booboo.

It’s scribbles being gifted with a pride and love that makes you want to keep them forever.

It’s painting, crafting and making a glorious mess of happy memories.

It’s dancing to the postman pat theme in your pajamas and loving every silly second as your toddler squeals with glee.

It’s knowing that even though it is hard work and tough, it will go too quickly and soon they will be adults.

It’s enjoying every second and knowing that you will love them forever.

It’s the best thing in the world and I feel proud to be doing it.


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