Looking at the world through my daughter’s eyes.

In a lot of ways I wish I could see things in a similar way to both my toddler and my baby. They are constantly fascinated with everything around them. A coat hanger is mind-blowing. A brush or some tin foil is a toy that will amuse them for hours. This is something I envy so I decided that taking a few photos from my toddlers perspective was a good idea so that I could try to catch some of that enchanting wonder.

It didn’t quite work like that, I have somehow grown up too much to see the world with that much wonder but it did give me a wonderful insight into how big everything looks to them both. It’s both really overwhelming and rather exciting in equal measure.

Each of these photos was taken in line with Evie’s eyes to try to get the most realistic angle. Enjoy a small look through a tiny persons eyes and then join me in lamenting that they have to grow up so quickly.

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