Blogger challenge day 1: My blogs name.

Owned by ‘dissecting dentistry.’

I’ve decided to do Disecting Dentistry’s July challenge. As you can probably guess by the date (and the fact I’d probably be late to my own funeral) I’m running late, so for me this will be the July though August challenge where I will attempt to do a month’s work haphazardly over two. That’s mummy magic right there folks!

I will obviously keep up with my completely random regular postings and have this as just a little exercise in writing discipline. On the side, like fries and onion rings *drool* It may or may not be close to my dinner time…

Anyway let’s see if I can do this challenge justice!

The first title on the challenge is a brief look at where the name for my blog came from.

I wish I had some deep and meaningful tale that would excite you enough to pop the kettle on (in true Brit style) and read with your mouth open in awe of my adventures and misdeeds but sadly, I don’t. Unfortunately I’m a boring sod who spends her time drinking way too much of the aforementioned tea and not enough time doing interesting blog-worthy stuff.

In all honesty the name choice was a mix between my absolute love of all things crafting and the giggle worthiness of having a name that rhymes with ‘crafty little b*****.’ As you can probably tell I am in fact, incredibly mature and sophisticated, with just a hint of seriousness thrown in for good measure….


I decided (back in my days of youthful optimism) that I wanted to start a business and work for myself. So, lo and behold I coined an amusing name for myself and began to occasionally give crochet lessons in the local library. I made a few quid but not nearly enough to consider my little venture as a means to fully support and feed myself, so I had to look for full-time employment elsewhere.

I got a job in a meat factory (just as horrible and cold as it sounds. *Shudder*) and payed my way though life. I have moved on from that job, due to my mobility issues worsening and now (when not on maternity leave) work as a cashier for the same company.

Like I said, it wasn’t an overwhelmingly interesting story but I guess 99% of life isn’t all that noteworthy until you get completely wasted just after your 18th birthday and streak though your local town. (Not that I would ever do such a thing of cause…. Hem hem..)

And that short little story is it.

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Happy weekend folks, enjoy the sunshine! ❤


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