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Revlon Volume and Length Magnified Mascara Review.

Disclaimer: I will be using an affiliate link in this post, this won’t impact my opinion on the item being reviewed.

Okay guys, it’s just a quick one today due to a week of seizures and other glorious disability based misery. Yay me! Starting to perk up a bit now so hopefully a longer post will pop up soon! Thanks for reading guys.

Long story short? I suck at make-up, due to my disabilities I have only learnt in the past few years how to apply it without looking like a Picasso rip off. Amusing for everyone else but not so much for me!

With that in mind I decided that my fashionista and cosmetics mad sister; Holly, was in fact the person to ask. I gave her a mascara that I had heard good things about and told her it’s hers if she can answer some questions for me. She accepted happily (not a big surprise there) and has given me some bullet points that I am rewriting in paragraph format.

Thanks sis!

Revlon mascara review
she is wearing the mascara on one eye and not on the other. As you can clearly see it has a large effect and definitely makes her lashes look longer and more luscious.

A quick overview

The packaging was just a bit of cellophane wrapped around which admittedly doesn’t exactly scream luxury product but in a world where resources are wearing thin both my sister and I welcome a move towards less packaging. Holly reports that it was easy to open and didn’t require the usual scissors and knife job that so many items do. The container it’s self is attractive in a bold black and blue which draws the eye. The print is bold and easy to read and as with the overall design it is eye-catching and visually appealing.

What she liked:

Firstly the container is very attractive which honestly is a must, I know that it has very little bearing on how it works but it just seems more indulgent to have pretty cosmetics. The mascara goes on smoothly and easily with no clumps without applying too much of the liquid and giving it the dreaded ‘spider leg’ look. Her lashes looked both fuller and longer which gave her that coveted fake lash effect without having to mess about with the whole

Revlon mascara

drama of glue and sticking the damn things in the right place (I’ve never even attempted to try false lashes, from what I gather they are a beeping nightmare though!). She liked that the brush and bottle are on the larger end of the spectrum as it allows for easier application as it is much easier to hold both parts especially at 5 in the morning when her coffee hasn’t even kicked in yet! Another positive is it lasted all day from breakfast to when she washed it off before bed, that’s a good solid 12 hours or more. When she did wash it off, it was easily removed using normal baby wipes (they are great for literally everything!)

Another aspect of this item that she has enjoyed is that it’s waterproof, which seems to be quite effective as, in her words “I haven’t yet sported a look of which the joker would be proud”. On one or two occasions, she even forgot to wash the mascara off (invoking the wrath of the beauty gods) and woke up with zero panda eyes. This in my opinion gives it beauty bonus points!

My sister's eye with mascara
My sister’s eye with mascara applied.

What she didn’t like:

While the brush’s large size assists in doing the top lashes it does make applying it to the lower lashes a bit more problematic, though if you have a pair of steady hands (ha! I’m screwed then) it’s certainly manageable. Another slightly ouchy downside is that the mascara seems to produce small fibres when it’s dry which occasionally flaked off into her eyes. While this wasn’t a massive problem, I feel that it is worth noting especially for those that have sensitive eyes.

Overall would you buy this mascara?
“Yes I would, it’s fantastic!” It goes on easily and smoothly and gives her the “fake eyelash effect” as she described it. The waterproofing works well which I feel would be ideal for those with allergies and hay fever. The large brush makes applying it to the top lashes easier but does cause a few challenges when doing the bottom lashes. The mascara can flake when it dries so perhaps would be best avoided by someone with sensitive eyes. Overall she was very happy with her new mascara (damn right she was – I bought it!) and would happily buy it. If you would like to buy it here is the link: Revlon mascara

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