September’s plans and updates

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My very own little poser!

Hello to all you lovely people and welcome to my first monthly update. I know, I know… I’m a teenie bit late to the party on this one; being a four-month old blog. However; as I am really enjoying myself, I figured that it was high time that I started to set myself some monthly challenges.
Don’t fret guys, it’s nothing too exciting. I haven’t suddenly gotten an overwhelming urge to sky dive or walk a tight rope across the English Channel, instead I am keeping to simple goals that surround my blog and my own little family. I have always been more of a good cup of coffee (with two kids all I can say is thank God for its existence) and a tantalising book kind of girl but I guess we shall see what the future holds… Probably more coffee, despite my best intentions.

Why am I posting these challenges up on my delightful (if I do say so myself) blog you ask?
To answer that honestly I should start by admitting that I have very little confidence and have a tendency to give up at the first hurdle. Add that to my arsehole internal voices that just luuuuuuve to tell me how rubbish I am at everything and you have a recipe for not getting a whole lot done.
So in short; by telling you guys what I plan on doing I am giving myself the motivation to get my lazy arse in gear and get things done. In theory.
Especially when you consider that I have just returned to the day job after nine months off on maternity leave. What an amazing time its been and yes, I do in fact know how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to spend all of that time with my girls. Very lucky indeed.

My eventual aim is to turn this blog into my main source of income, facilitating my dream of staying home with my daughters as a full-time mummy. I miss them way too much while I work. It’s like leaving a piece of my heart at home and I have an overwheming fear of missing out on all of their milestones and cute moments. It all goes so fast!
I am also quite disabled; as in three times over. Epilepsy, dyspraxia and shortened tendons with a fantastic mix of mental health issues to add some much ‘needed’ complications to the mix. Eventually I will probably reach a point where I will be unable to work anymore and I feel that it is wise to have a back up plan of action.

With that in mind, I have a very cheeky request. If you are going to buy anything from Amazon UK then please follow this link (I know it’s to one of my favourite books) and then search for your item. It will give me a few pennies of commission, regardless of what you buy, at no additional cost to yourself. This will move me closer to my dream of being a mum boss and staying home with my girls, without the addition of irritating adverts, which I’m hoping to keep at bay for as long as possible!
Thank you, it means a lot to me.

What I’ve been up to this month:

I have been sorting out a cake recipe for Autistic Rainbow Magazine. Their first issue will be available from the 10th September and can be downloaded from their website and you can also find them on Twitter. I will also be releasing the recipe on my blog at the start at October, just in time for Halloween!  Super exciting times guys and it also means that I get to help to support those family’s that are affected by autism.
A wonderful cause and a perfect excuse to bake a colourful and very over the top cake. How could I have possibly resisted…. My waist line was a little less thrilled than my taste buds but as I’ve been mostly avoiding sugar it soon forgave me. Kind of….

I have also started doing reviews and have a crochet series being worked on in the background. This is proving to be slightly trickier than anticipated because of the toddler and cat taking it in turns to pinch my yarn… Le sigh! There is also going to be a video on YouTube to match each post. The problem with that being; I suck at talking while trying to crochet, most of the outtakes are me giggling or getting myself confused (partly epilepsy and partly the fact that I’m a grade A numpty) . Oh well…. At least the written and photographic side of that misadventure is coming along nicely. Watch this space —–> [            ]

My epilepsy has been giving me plenty of problems. Thanks brain. Its antics have ranged from chucking a glass halfway across a room in a crowded restaurant (still feeling the embarrassment now) to making me collapse and perform my super cool epileptic dance moves in random and inconvenient places. Hey everyday is a party when your brain decides to go into full-blown disco mode!
Due to the headaches and other glorious side effects from this wonderous display of arsehattery, I’ve not really been functional enough to have a lot of screen time and my poor blog has felt the effect. Hence most of my posts being easy and relatively lazy recipes or quick chats about easy subjects.
Hopefully I will be back to my normal self this month and you will have the exciting and lengthy posts you deserve. Fingers crossed!

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My aims for the next month:


  1. Write at least two blog posts a week, ideally three. One recipe and maybe two miscellaneous; that will probably be parenting/ crafting/ review related.
  2. Finish at least two more crochet tutorials, including video. I won’t be posting them up until I have at least ten ready then it will be a weekly event, posted on a Sunday for your viewing pleasure. Ready yourself for the broad Northern English accent.
  3. Set up my YouTube account and make it look both pretty and functional. Only one video on there so far….
  4. One crochet pattern typed up and posted with photos. I have an idea for a lacy scarf. We shall see if it pans out the way that I hope it will.
  5. Hit 300 followers on my Facebook page.
  6. Spend at least 10 hours a week creating content and write at least 500 words a day.
  7. Get an honest update and new set of aims ready for the first of October.

received_294893854434700.jpegReal life

  1. Finally start learning how to draw.
  2. Spend more time playing with the girls.
  3. Try and prevent days of low mood. This will perhaps be my most difficult task but hopefully I can at least inject some positivity.
  4. Read at least one book a fortnight.
  5. Give up caffeinated coffee. Tea can stay for now.
  6. Cut right back on the sugar and eat less junk food. Pizza I’m looking at you (while drooling).
  7. Find a better work/ blog/ family balance which benefits myself, my daughters and my partner. I love them so much!
  8. Talk more openly about my emotions.
  9. Tell myself five things that make me great every morning and another five that make me so very lucky.

I will keep you all posted on how I get on. Here’s hoping for a fantastic and productive month.

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2 thoughts on “September’s plans and updates

  1. I love your honesty, and your sense of humor is great! I’m sorry about the epilepsy stuff, though – that has to be so tough. I am looking forward to reading your future posts! 🙂

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