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Honey and Mustard Roast Gammon Joint.

This makes a delicious main for any occasion. I usually make this on a lazy sunday or over christmas with; roast potatoes, a selection of vegetables and some homemade yorkshire puddings. The left overs are great in sandwiches and soups so you can easily get two or more meals from one chunk of meat.


Either a plain or a smoked gammon Joint (Any size you like)

4 tbsp Clear, runny honey.

3tbsp English mustard ( I’ve found the best one to be Coleman’s)


1)Preheat oven to 200 oC or gas mark 6. Then put the gammon in a large pan of cold water and bring to a gentle boil. Let it boil for 25 mins.
2)Drain and place on a plate and let it cool for 15 mins. Then use a small, sharp knife to trim off the rind, leaving as much of the fat as possible. Please excuse my chipped nail polish, my baby has been keeping me incredibly busy so I haven’t had chance to redo it yet.
3) Mark the fat into diamonds with horizonal lines going both ways.
4) Add a clove in each point of the diamonds.
5) The honey and mustard mix you add later is very tricky to clean so you can either be lazy like me and use a disposable large lasagna tray placed on a baking tray, or you can line a deep roasting tray with foil. Cover the meat with some foil and place in the oven for 30 mins per 500g of meat.
6) Mix the honey and mustard together in a small bowl, cover and set aside for later.
7) Remove from oven and allow to cool for 10 minutes. Transfer the gammon onto a plate then remove the cloves and throw them away. Next using a pastry brush fully coat the gammon in the honey and mustard, place back in the roasting tray and place back in the oven uncovered for 15-20 minutes until the fat is golden and crispy.
8) Get out of oven and rest under foil for 30 mins. Carve and enjoy. This isn’t a very good picture but it was so moist it almost fell apart whist being carved and tasted really good.

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