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October’s plans and updates.

IMG_20181024_194008_193.jpgWow, this is awkward and boy, oh boy am I crap?! I mean seriously.
It’s been another month that has made me wonder if the God’s are after driving me down into the path of insanity. Thankfully my health is on the mend but now comes the mammoth task of catching up with all my jobs.
I’ve sent a car full of bags and boxes of unneeded bits and bobs to the charity shop, I’ve done the little fiddly jobs that somehow I never have time for in-between going to my day job and taking care of the girls.

I’ve spent as much time as possible playing and cuddling my girls and attempted to at least squeeze in one blog post a week. I had so many ambitious ideas but perhaps I should tone them down for now. Family first, followed by life in general then my blog. In that order. I am however hopeful that now I am almost back on track with my priorities, I can start REALLY sinking my teeth into my fun little hobby.


Victorinox Knife and a vintage 1970's toy car.
Toddle was ‘helping’ me write a review…. Review FINALLY nealy done. just proof read and post! Next few days…

Now for the embarrassing bit of looking at last month’s aims. Spoiler alert: not much got done! Oh well, sometimes you can only do what you can do…
Or in my case, what my body will allow me to do.


Write at least two blog posts a week, ideally three. One recipe and maybe two miscellaneous; that will probably be parenting/ crafting/ review related.
I have at the very least managed some recipes. Wooo! I’m not entirely sure if it counts if I was cooking anyway but at least some content popped up on my site and made it seem like perhaps I had some kind of plan of action. Some other posts happened and I have six almost ready to go posts but sadly life always takes priority so they haven’t yet made the final cut.

Finish at least two more crochet tutorials, including video. I won’t be posting them up until I have at least ten ready, then it will be a weekly event, posted on a Sunday for your viewing pleasure. Ready yourself for the broad Northern English accent.
Nope. Sorry. Not even finished one but have scripted it so that kind of counts right? Right?
Set up my YouTube account and make it look both pretty and functional. Only one video on there so far…
Sigh….. Not even uploaded my logo on to it yet…

One crochet pattern typed up and posted with photos. I have an idea for a lacy scarf. We shall see if it pans out the way that I hope it will.
Halfway there with this one but sadly I have managed to lose my 5mm crochet hook but when my new one arrives I can complete this project and delight a toddler with a new hat and matching scarf set.

Hit 300 followers on my Facebook page.
Close but no cigar. I’m not great on Facebook but if you want to assist me on my way to the noble goal of 300 followers then here is the link. Thank you, much appreciated!

Spend at least 10 hours a week creating content and write at least 500 words a day.
Barely had time this month to manage 2 hours a week but going to try to make a few more happen soon. Health and kids depending!

Get an honest update and new set of aims ready for the first of October.
Sooooo……. We are still in October so it kinda counts right? Right…?

Real life
Start learning how to draw.
I doodled a stick person and a house to try to explain to concept of Santa to a toddler. I’m going to count it as practice and a good step towards my goal of decent scribbles. It’s not delusional if I know I’m kidding myself.

Spend more time playing with the girls.
I have accomplished this. This was my primary parenting goal because I always seem to get so caught up with work and getting things done I sometimes don’t slow down enough to show my girls that they are my world. Last month I made sure to spend as much time as possible down on their level, playing with blocks, Duplo, reading, singing and whatever other games took our fancy. It’s been wonderful and I’ve STILL managed to get my house back to rights after a few months of epilepsy madness. Double win.

I know that they were never exactly starved of attention and I always took plenty of time out of my day for them but I feel I have a much better balance now that I am allowing myself to occasionally drop the ball in less important areas of life. Happier girlies and happier mummy. Still, need to work on this a bit more but it takes time to break the habits of a lifetime.

Try and prevent days of low mood.
Mostly a success. Lots of cappuccinos in cafés and playtime with the girls. It’s so easy to feel down when your disabilities are acting up but I have tried very hard to boost myself up. Yes, I feel like a failure sometimes and yes, I wish I could do all the things that other people can do but at the end of the day, I am quite lucky. I can walk with the use of a stick or whatever else to lean on. I can manage to mostly take care of myself and the girls. Can’t bathe myself or them without my partner at home because of epilepsy but that’s a small price to pay for their’s and my own’s safety.
I have had low days but I am feeling a lot more optimistic in recent weeks. All things considered, I’m doing great!

My girls after an Autumn walk. 50% chance of naps :)
My girls after an Autumn walk. 50% chance of naps.

Read at least one book a fortnight.
Hahahahaha. I’ve read some of ‘Free’ by Fiona Morgan and that was some quite pleasant hours snatched here and there for my own relaxation. I’d forgotten how much I love a good book and three seconds without the human monster trucks climbing all over me.
Ahhhh, bliss!

Give up caffeinated coffee. Tea can stay for now.
I’m down to 2/6 cups of caffeinated coffee a day and a mug of tea. For me, that’s practically cold turkey. The headaches have been interesting but I have been dealing with epileptic headaches anyway so you know… Might as well do both!

Cut right back on the sugar and eat less junk food. Pizza, I’m looking at you (while drooling).
One fake away a month is allowed now. My thighs will thank me later even if my PMS is growling menacingly and threatening death and destruction on all who come near without some kind of sweet or carby offering to tame the beast.
Poor Partner…

Find a better work/ blog/ family balance which benefits me, my daughters and my partner. I love them so much!
Progress is happening but it’s a tricky one to balance. I’m a bit rubbish at organising myself so this was always going to be a challenge. My girls are getting more attention and are loving it so there’s that, at the very least.

Talk more openly about my emotions.
Errrrm, No.
Too hard.

Tell myself five things that make me great every morning and another five that make me so very lucky.
I have been trying to spin a positive light on most things but I’m quite a negative person so my brain likes adding ‘but’ after each sentence. It’s slowly being trained out of it but I think that this will take plenty of time..
I will keep you all posted on how I get on. Here’s hoping for a fantastic and productive month.

New aims to keep me going until the start of December:


  1. Finally, catch up on my workload after the past few months of being ill. I’m getting there slowly but honestly, it’s getting embarrassing!
  2. Sort out all of my social media accounts. Update Facebook and make it look nicer. Get my Instagram up and running and get at least a small following. Ditto on my YouTube and finally reach 10,000 followers on my Twitter.
  3. Have a consistent blog schedule that includes 2-3 posts a week and some social media updates.
  4. Look into going self-hosted so that I have more control over my site design and what I can include.
  5. Have fun!


  1. Keep calm and happy.
  2. Spend plenty of time with my girls.
  3. Find a good work/ life balance.
  4. Get Xmas sorted!

That’s about it if I’m honest.

Sorry for being away so much this month, thanks for reading and have a fantastic Halloween!
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