Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Review.

Disclaimer: I was very kindly given this item to review by the lovely folks at Burton mccall. This will in no way impact how I feel about the item in question, all opinions are my own. While my happiest place is obviously with my kids and partner, my second happiest is when I'm up to… Continue reading Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Review.


Zoku Product Reviews.

Hey there guys and gals. Last week I wrote a post about the first of six items which Burton McCall very kindly sent me; the PetLit LED light. Spoiler alert: overall I was impressed, even if my kitty's slight mental health issues prevented me from using it for it's intended purpose. It does however make… Continue reading Zoku Product Reviews.


The Mystery Blogger Award.

A celebration of other fantastic bloggers.

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Birthday Steak and Beer Pie, Topped with a meat feast Pizza.

Not sure what possessed me to do this other than as the ultimate birthday treat for my wonderful partner. He is one of those weirdos that doesn't really like cake, so I decided that I would create him the savory equivalent. As usual I decided to let my creative heart take over my more rational… Continue reading Birthday Steak and Beer Pie, Topped with a meat feast Pizza.


Blogger challenge day 1: My blogs name.

I've decided to do Disecting Dentistry's July challenge. As you can probably guess by the date (and the fact I'd probably be late to my own funeral) I'm running late, so for me this will be the July though August challenge where I will attempt to do a month's work haphazardly over two. That's mummy… Continue reading Blogger challenge day 1: My blogs name.


What being a mother means to me.

A few thoughts about motherhood from a trainee at best!