Review of the Nite Ize PetLit LED light

I may use affiliate links in the attempt to keep my blog advert free and also these items were freebie samples. However the fact that I didn’t have to put my hand in my pocket won’t change my opinions in the slightest. The good will be celebrated like realising that there is good quality chocolate lurking in the back of the cupboard that hasn’t been munched on by an overly enthusiastic (and cheeky) 2-year-old. The bad will be met with the disgusted disdain of discovering that someone ordered pineapple on the takeaway pizza! AGAIN! I mean Dude…. No…

I might be slightly hungry while writing this… I’m always slightly hungry in fairness, the joys of breastfeeding! *Le sigh… With that random ramble of foodie thoughts done and dusted we shall begin.

About three weeks ago I was sent some shiny, pretty and frankly very useful things by the folks at Burton McCall. Thanks guys, I’ve had great fun! I was hoping to get these reviews completed more than a week ago (sorry!) but my brain had other ideas and my epilepsy started to act up. No screen time for me without the fear of making the seizures worse but now I’m back in business again. Wooo!

I recieved six items in total from four different brands. From Zoku we have: two thermos flasks and a ‘Dino Pop’ ice-lolly maker. From Victorinox, we have a Swiss army knife. From Nite Ize we have the PetLit LED and from Humangear we have the GoTubbs. I will be doing one review per brand as I would rather not have a review post of over 7000 words as I don’t really do the whole, dreaded ‘wall of text’ thing.
Let me start the first of four reviews into my epic few weeks of playtime and squealing (perhaps even louder than the Toddler) at the concept of Dino ice lollies; with the PetLit LED Light.

PetLit LED Light
This was sent as a little treat for Rosie my adorable but slightly stern looking kitty. Unfortunately she gave me the look (that almost all cat owners will know oh so well) that threatened death and lacerations, if I dared even consider placing the light upon her most sacred of collars. I swear she thinks this is ancient Egypt and we are her most humble of servants… She is probably at least half right in fairness.

Anyway I improvised and decided that the toddler makes a great stand in for a cat. Let’s face it; both suffer from convenient bouts of deafness, both like climbing and it’s definitely a kind understatement to claim that they are both mildly obsessed with cardboard boxes. See the below photos for cuteness and proof..

See it’s still a fair review… Even if the helper is a tad excitable at the thought of being a cat and won’t stop meowing. Please stop her meowing… Pretty please?

What is it?

Basically it’s a tiny, little and very bright LED light that you place on your pets collar (or in my case my toddlers zip). It helps you see them in the dark and know where they have wandered off too, giving pet owners some reassurance that ‘Mittens’, ‘Fido’ or in my case ‘Toddle’ isn’t going to wander off into the night-time abyss and not return. Which I honestly think is a fabulous idea. Unfortunately I couldn’t test this in pitch black darkness, just in a slightly darkened room because there was no way in Hell Toddle was staying up past her bedtime. Nope, no, please don’t even suggest such tantrumy madness. Besides, mummy needs flop out and do grown up stuff (read: play on Twitter). Also a free range Toddle in the dark seemed like a bad idea at any rate. Call me crazy…

The things that I like:
It is a surprisingly bright light considering it’s small, compact size and the fact that it is just a single LED inside a pretty jewel shaped case. It’s easily turned on and off by simply rotating the light either clockwise or anti-clockwise which is obviously an ideal feature but I have to question if this would prove to be a difficult task if the creature wearing it was particularly wiggly.
It attaches to the collar of your pet/child/spouse with a simple clip and the back comes off for easy battery replacement. I can’t comment on the battery life having only had it for a short period of time, but I can wager fairly safely that with it being LED the batteries should last quite a long time (the manufacturer states 24 hours of continuous light). Even if it should run out it’s a very simple task to change the batteries as you just twist it slightly further than you would so to turn it off and the back simply comes off ready to insert the new ones.

I like that there isn’t much packaging, as I feel that this is a positive step towards being more environmentally friendly, which is something that in this day and age should be applauded and I have no doubt that this also helps in keeping the price low at a modest £6.17 on Amazon UK (as of 3/9/18).

We do not have a dog and our cat doesn’t go outside and doesn’t enjoy being messed with other than the occasional brush and ticked ears (PTSD-suffering rescue kitty) so I can’t use it for its conventual purpose, but I have placed it on my keys to assist in putting the key in the lock at night and for finding things in dark cupboards ect. It isn’t insanely bright but it has made a practical addition to my key rings.

Lighting the way on my keys.

Things that I didn’t like:
While I like that the on/ off mechanism is very simple I found it quite stiff to turn. At first I thought that this was a fault with either my useless co-ordination (thanks Dyspraxia) or my particular item but after reading the reviews on Amazon I found that this seems to be quite a common problem which does ultimately lesson with time. The other issue that I have had is the fact that the light was slightly scuffed when it arrived. This could either be caused by one of three things: 1) the box was bumped during transit, 2) the plastic is quite poor quality and was easily damaged or 3) it was a fault during manufacturing that wasn’t picked up on. As it feels quite flimsy I am leaning more towards number two but as I think it’s a very handy little thing it will be remaining in its new home, keeping my keys company.

Would I advise you buy it?
Yes, if you either need a light up key ring or your dog/cat/significant other regularly goes out at night, it is a fantastic idea and incredibly useful. I wouldn’t advise it for people who have poor grip or coordination as it was very difficult for myself, who has dyspraxia, to turn it on or off until it loosened slightly with use and fiddling. Overall a great idea, blemished slightly by production on a relatively low-budget.

Stay tuned for the reviews of all of the other items, coming up in the next few weeks.
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Thank you for reading!


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